Offener Brief an Mark Zuckerberg

 I just wrote Mark Zuckerberg a message on his profile. Guess he won't read it anyway, but you should always try!


Dear Mark Zuckerberg,


I really appreciate your social activities, the way you use your popularity and publicity to do something good in the world. However, we really have a problem. Here in Germany racism, extremism and xenophobia has been exploding in the past weeks and months.


I guess you know that due to the wars and crises in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Sudan, Mali and Eritrea, there are 60 million people on the run. They had to leave their homes, with nothing more than what they had with them. They risk their lives for the hope of finding a save environment that takes care of them.


There are a lot of people seeking asylum in Germany and Europe those days. But not every single person here has a heart and has the empathy to deal with those poor people. Those strange Germans are afraid of these poor people, they hate just because they hate everything and they are not kind at all. We can see that in a lot of communities in real life, when those strange Germans start burning down houses for asylum seekers (which has happened here in Germany, way too many times in the past month.)


For sure, those strange Germans, which you could also call terrorists, also use Facebook. They write things like we should all burn them down. They write we should hang them. They write we should reinstall the gas chambers in Germany. And they write even worse things - it is just so sad and it makes me so angry.


Despite, there are a lot of humans in Germany, that won't tolerate this kind of racism any more. We keep sending Facebook messages whenever we discover those really mean comments. But all the time we get the "We scanned your message but couldn't see the comment is against our community rules." message. So tell me - did I get something wrong here?


We live in a great world, in great times. We are privileged to live in US and Germany, great countries, that surely have some problems, but nevertheless we don't need to fear to not have enough food, to not have a place to sleep or even to lose our lives. We have the chance to do something better. To help. I always considered Facebook as a social network - nowadays I doubt that.


Please give us a sign. Give the world a sign by deleting those ugly comments, those ugly persons. There is no room for those people in our world. At least there shouldn't be a place for them.



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